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Unconfined potter

"I was born in India, went to college in England, studied pottery in Spain, and moved to Japan.

I suppose this exposure has given me a varied perspective on things.

My work is eclectic and refuses to be confined to one style or mode."

Wali Hawes working on pottery and kiln building

Gladstone 2013 - fired up!

The building tells its stories... a performance event in the courtyard of Gladstone Pottery 13 September 2013 - Weaving original words from pottery workers, with poetry music and dance celebrating the Gladstone site and the pottery industry of Stoke-on-Trent, UK

Building Kilns Drum Kiln
Letter Soup Minarette


Flying Fire Kilns!

This is one of my flying fire kilns on youtube.

Full details of my forthcoming programs can be found in the workshops section


Raku Workshop

New Raku Workshop

Raku Workshop for students of pottery, art educators, artists and designers - Japan

Latest from Wali Hawes in BAITG

A Japanese Tea Ceremony

La Hora es bona......Eve Ariza & Wali Hawes

Kumano-san`s Cabin

A Visit to a Japanese Hospital




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